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Out of stock for the season. Will return in Fall 2024

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This clean burning candle is made with safe ingredients. All natural Soy Wax and no harsh chemicals. It has a clean burn and over 100+ hours of burning time. The fragrance used smells amazing without giving you a headache. Hand poured in small batches in Northern California 🌿🕯


We pride ourselves on making quality products that are both beautiful & affordable. Each candle comes with a free gift 🎁


Fragrance Description:


The essence of winter berries glows bright as red currants, juniper berries and holly berries glisten over a frosted pile of iced vetiver and pine, with a cloud of white musk floating overhead.


•10 oz Soy Wax Candle

• Bamboo Lid

• Cotton wick dipped in Beeswax

• Rinse crystals in warm water and place them in your window sill to activate your intentions & the energy in the room.


Fragrance Notes:


•Top - Holly Berry, Juniper Berry

•Middle - Red Currant, Chilled Vetiver

•Bottom - Pine Tree, White Musk



•Sulfate Free


Crystals Used:


Aquamarine - Protection at Sea, Hope & Emotional Clarity


Moonstone - Channels the moon and the Ocean. Very feminine energy. Balances moods. Intuition




Aquamarine - Throat Chakra

Moonstone - Solar Plexus


Astrology Sign


Aquamarine - Aquarius & Pisces

Moonstone - Cancer

Winter Berry w/ Aquamarine

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