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Online Clothing boutique

About the  Shop


  • All candles are hand poured into re-usable Mason Jars.

  • We use All Natural Soy Wax

  • Ethically sourced, real crystals sprinkled on the top of each candle

  • Non-Toxic, skin safe dyes & Phthalate free fragrances

  • Custom Orders Available. Send email to:

Hula Hoops

  • Hand wrapped with fancy tapes that make the hoops sparkle and shine in any light

  • We use recycled Poly Tubing for the hoop base.

  • Different Hoop Sizes have different weights.

  • If you have questions about what size/weight would be best for you, or want to customize your hoop, email us at:

Tie Dyes & Denim

  • Tie Dyes are hand dyed in house using quality fabric dyes

  • Tie Dyes are washed and treated to prevent color bleeding

  • Denim is washed after

    • Distressing​

    • Bleaching

    • Painting

    • Sewing on custom patches, fabrics & studs

  • Paint and design on Denim is custom made by House of Venus

  • All designs are original and unique

  • Custom Orders Available. Send Designs to Email:

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