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Lonokai Lullaby Body Scrub


Fragrance notes:




This ultra luxurious body scrub is perfect for removing dry, dull skin on your body. The almond oil we use is high in vitamin E and absorbs really well in your skin without any greasy residue. This scrub is sure to leave your skin soft, luscious and will make you smell, oh, so good! Comes in a reusable glass jar with a wooden spoon.



Organic Sugar

Organic Almond Oil


Phthalate-free & Sulfate free

Lonokai Lullaby 8 oz

  • Because this is an all organic, all natural product, you will see some settling of the oil at the bottom of the jar. This is totally normal. We don't use any solvents or chemicals to emulsify the scrubs. So there will be some natural separation. The sugar at the top has absorbed a majority of the oil. So the scrub will be hydrating no matter where you pull from your jar. We recommend using the spoon to give your sugar a swirl before scrubbing ✨️

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